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What happened to Lock 1 on the Erie-Barge Canal? The numbering starts with Lock 2 in Waterford.

Erie HouseIt does seem strange that the system begins with Lock 2, with increasing numbers as you go west. But the reason goes back to the planning and construction of the Barge Canal. Early on it was decided that Lock 1 would be the Hudson River Lock, necessary as an updated replacement of the state’s nineteenth century Troy lock. In the end, the federal government agreed to construct that lock and the Hudson River channel associated with it. The state did not number the federally-operated locks as part of the Barge Canal System, and the Barge Canal officially begins in Waterford.

Interestingly, at the other end of the canal, a federal lock also controls the entrance. The Black Rock lock in the Buffalo area also lacks a state-designated number. It is the lock just west of Lock 35 at Lockport.

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