The Archeology of Mohawk River Trade and Transport in the 1790s

Eyewitness view of boats on the Mohawk in 1807

Originally published in partnership with Ms. Barbara Spraker and the Canajoharie-Palatine Tourism Committee in conjunction with the State Museum's living history program on the Barge Canal, October 2-4, 1992.

A joint project of the State Museum (research) and the State Library (collections)

1803 maps of the Mohawk River courtesy of the Oneida County Historical Association

The information presented in this publication was developed from data compiled by The Durham Project - an archeological research project at the New York State Museum dedicated to documenting, preserving and interpreting physical remains associated with the era of the Western Inland Lock Navigation Company [1792 - 1820] - New York's first canal company.

The archeological sites described in this pamphlet were discovered by the State Museum's Cultural Resource Survey Program [Keator's Rift], the Durham Project [Kane's Store], and the State Historic Marker Program [Spraker's Tavern].

Table of Contents

Compiled and edited by Philip Lord, Jr., Senior Scientist, New York State Museum.


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