Buffalo Along the Erie Canal

Historic Marker

On many Canal Society Field Trips, the Society has dedicated an historic marker to bring attention to a section of the canal in the local community. The following New York State locations have been marked in such a way.

Marker Locations

Buffalo - the western terminus of the Erie Canal
Albany — the eastern terminus of the Erie Canal
Rochester – the junction of the Genesee Valley Canal and the Erie Canal
Sylvan Beach — the Barge Canal at Oneida Lake
Camillus – the restored aqueduct on the enlarged Erie Canal
Fort Miller — the start of Barge canal construction on the Champlain Canal
Bouckville – the summit level of the Chenango Canal
Binghamton - the junction of the Chenango Canal and the Chenango River
Utica, near Marcy Lock - “Neck Cut Through," the first American canal