Past Field Trips

The Canal Society of New York State seeks to host two exploratory field trips a year.

2016 (May) Buffalo to Lockport – Buffalo
2015 (Oct) Genesee Valley Canal: Over the Top (Summit Level & Environs)
2014 (Sept) NYS Canal Conference - Geneva
2014 (May) Chesapeake & Ohio Canal - Hagerstown, MD
2013 (Oct) Three Erie Canals in Montgomery, Schenectady and Saratoga Counties
2013 (April) Delaware & Hudson Canal Kingston/Rondout - Alligerville, NY
2012 (Oct) New York State Canal Conference - Oswego
2012 (June) Erie Canal Cruise and More – Herkimer to Little Falls
2011 (Oct) Three Erie Canals: Lyons to Macedon
2011 (May) The Champlain Canal: Clinton’s Ditch to the Fetid Ditch
2010 (June) Boat and Bike Day - Rochester
2009 (Oct.) Erie Canal Aqueducts of Central New York
2009 (April) The Chenango Canal: Hamilton to Greene
2008 (Oct) The Cayuga and Seneca Canal: Montezuma to Geneva
2008 (June) The Oswego Canal: Syracuse to Oswego
2007 (Oct) The Black River Canal: Rome to Lyons Falls
2007 (May) Three Erie Canals: Albany to Rexford
2006 (Oct) 50th Anniversary - Buffalo
2006 (June) Allegheny Portage Railroad
2005 (Oct) The Genesee Valley Canal: Rochester to Portageville
2005 (Apr) The Champlain Canal: Schuylerville to Whitehall
2004 (Oct) The D & H Canal: Honesdale, PA to Port Jervis, NY
2004 (May) The Chenango Canal: Utica to Hamilton
2003 (Oct) Adirondack Reservoirs
2003 (June) The Rideau Canal: Ottawa to Jones Falls
2002 (Sept) The Erie Canal: Little Falls to Mindenville
2002 (May) Morris Canal, New Jersey
2001 (Oct) St Lawrence Seaway
2001 (May) The Erie Canal: Tonawanda to Medina
2000 (Oct) Trent Severn: Canada
2000 (Sept) World Canals Conference: Rochester
2000 (May) Schenectady: Union College
1999 (Oct) The Canals of Western Onondaga County
1999 (May) New York Harbor
1998 (Oct) The Chemung Canal
1998 (May) Oneida Lake and Its Canals
1997 (Oct) Cruise: Syracuse to Cayuga and Seneca Lakes
1997 (Apr) Chenango Canal and Extension: Binghamton to Greene
1996 (Sept) Erie Canal: Albany to Waterford; Champlain Canal: Cohoes to Stillwater
1996 (June) The Erie Canal: Buffalo
1995 (Oct) The Champlain Canal: Northumberland to Whitehall
1995 (May) The Erie Canal: Bushnell’s Basin to Medina
1994 (Oct) The Black River Canal
1994 (Apr) The Delaware and Hudson Canal: Rondout to Port Hudson
1993 (Oct) The Neck on Mohawk River
1993 (Oct) Erie Canal: Central Oneida County
1992 (Oct) Welland Canal, Canada
1992 (May) Genesee Valley Canal: Nunda to the Allegheny River
1991(Oct) Erie Canal in Eastern Wayne County
1991 (May) Erie Canal: Western Herkimer County
1990 (Oct) Erie Canal: Eastern Montgomery County
1990 (May) Erie: DeWitt to New London
1989 (Oct) Oswego: Syracuse to Oswego
1989 (May) Cayuga and Seneca Canal from Geneva to Montezuma
1988 (Oct) Erie Canal: Cohoes to Pattersonville
1988 (April) Genesee Valley Canal and the Dansville Sidecut
1987 (June) Canals of the Central Mohawk Valley: Fultonville to Little Falls
1987 (June) Buffalo to Lockport
1986 (Oct) Chenango Canal: Clinton to Greene
1986 (May) Two Eries: Montezuma to Camillus
1985 (Oct) Champlain Canal: Watervliet to Whitehall
1984 None
1983 None
1982 None
1981 (Oct) Black River Canal
1980 (Oct) Canals at Cohoes
1980 (May) Erie: Bushnell’s Basin to Lock 32
1979 (Oct) Lehigh, Pennsylvania
1978 (May) D & H Canal
1978 (June) Erie: Monroe County
1978 (Oct) Monongahela, Pennsylvania
1977 (May) Chambly Canal: Richelieu
1977 (Oct) Genesee Valley Canal: Mt. Morris to Portageville
1976 (Oct) Middlesex Canal, Massachusetts
1976 (May) Oneida Lake and Land Cuts
1975 (Oct) Erie: Holley Loop
1975 (May) Oswego River
1974 (Oct) Champlain: Feeder and north
1973 (Sept) Delaware and Hudson Canal- High Falls to Spring Glen
1973 (May) West Branch, Pennsylvania
1972 (Oct) Delaware and Raritan
1972 (June) Black River Canal
1972 (May) Lehigh Canal: Lock 38 to Dam 9
1971 (Oct) Western Wayne County: Poorhouse Lock No. 56 to County Line
1971 (May) Erie: Rome
1971 Chesapeake and Ohio: lower end
1970 Juniata Division, Pennsylvania
1970 (Oct) Genesee Valley Canal South: Oil Creek Reservoir to Olean and Milgrove
1970 (May) Chenango Canal
1969 (Oct) Eastern Wayne County Line to Poorhouse Lock No. 56
1969 (May) Erie: Fort Hunter
1969 Morris Canal: Phillipsburg to Lake Hopatcong
1968 (Oct) Erie: Port Byron to Richmond Aqueduct (& Cayuga and Seneca)
1968 (May) Erie: Buffalo Harbor
1968 Delaware Division Pennsylvania
1967 (Oct) Lockport East
1967 (May) Western Inland Lock Navigation: Rome Canal and Woods Creek Canal
1967 Middlesex Canal: Massachusetts
1966 (Oct) Western Inland Lock Navigation: German Flats Canal and the Little Falls Canal
1966 (May) Delaware and Hudson Canals
1966 Lehigh Canal: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
1965 (Oct) Oneida Lake Canals
1965 (May) Chenango Canal: Greene to Susquehanna
1964 (Oct) Oswego Canal: Three Rivers to Brewerton
1964 (May) Erie Canal: Port Byron to Jordan
1964 Rideau: Ottawa
1963 (Oct) Chemung Canal
1963 St Lawrence Seaway, Massena
1962 (Oct) Erie Canal: Rochester to Lyons
1962 (May) Four Welland Canals (Canada)
1962 (April) Watervliet – Lower Sidecut to Upper Aqueduct
1961 (Oct) Erie Canal: Jordan to Syracuse
1961 (July) Cayuga and Seneca Canal
1961 (May) Delaware and Hudson Canal: Port Jervis to Honesdale and Gravity Railroad
1960 (Oct) Oswego Canal: Three Rivers to Oswego
1960 (May) Champlain Canal
1959 (Oct) Black River Canal: Lyons Falls to Rome
1959 (May) Genesee Valley Canal: Cuylerville to Portageville
1958 (Oct) Delaware and Hudson Canal: Kingston to Port Jervis
1958 (July) St. Lawrence Seaway
1958 (May) Erie Canal: Tonawanda to Lockport
1957 (Oct) Chenango Canal: Utica to Hamilton
1957 (May) Erie Canal: Montezuma to Richmond Aqueduct