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Fall Field Trip 2016

The Erie Canal: May’s Point to Camillus

Oct. 7 – 9
Holiday Inn Hotel, Auburn

The Friday portion of the weekend trip is an extension of the 2016 NYS Canal Conference which is being held Thursday, Oct. 6 and Friday, Oct. 7 in Auburn.

The Saturday tour does involve two long stops at Montezuma and Camillus. There will be considerable walking at Montezuma, however we will provide transportation for those who cannot walk long distances.

Summary of Stops

Friday, October 7

Noon – Lunch
There is no traditional Friday Early Bird tour. Instead we encourage you to attend the Friday portion of the NYS Canal Conference to the Old Erie Canal Heritage Park at Port Byron.

Click here to see NYS Canal Conference Details

7:30 p.m.
Holiday Inn, Auburn, NY.
Evening Program- Preview of Saturday Field Trip by Mike Riley, Tom Grasso

Saturday, October 8 - Bus Field Trip Program

8:00 a.m.
Bus Field Trip Departs from Hotel Lobby

May’s Point, Lock E-25, and the movable dam.

Montezuma Heritage Park. The aqueduct is a half mile from the trail head and transportation will be provided to help those who need it. Along the way, we will visit the site of CD Lock 62, and if time allows, visit the nearby paper mill ruins.

Remains of Clinton’s Ditch Cranebrook Aqueduct.

Clinton’s Ditch Port Byron Aqueduct

“Brigham Young” house in Port Byron. Our consultant on the Port Byron project calls it a very good example of “canal worker housing.”

Buffet Lunch at the Old Erie Restaurant in Weedsport.

Centerport Aqueduct

Jordan Erie Canal Park and the Jordan Aqueduct.

Camillus Erie Canal Park

Evening Program
Cash bar at 6:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn, Auburn. Dinner will follow at 7:30 p.m. Guest Speaker: Dr. Scott Anderson, Professor of Geography, SUNY-Cortland - “Industrial Evolution of the Owasco Outlet and Italian Immigration in Auburn, NY” (invited)

Sunday, October 9

Professor Thomas X. Grasso, President Emeritus, will lead a tour (by carpool) of the Industrial Archeology of the Owasco Outlet, Auburn, NY. Several of the sites reveal remains of factories and mill race structures along this water course that was once a powerhouse of industry. 9 to 11 a.m. Meet in the Lobby of the Holiday Inn by 8:30 am. Transportation will be via carpool in personal automobiles.

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