About Us


Members enjoy gathering to visit various canal sites each year. Most years there is a spring and fall field trip to an interesting canal area. These weekend trips allow members access to study a canal area in detail, making use of historic maps and photos, the knowledge of other canal experts, and first hand views. Each year a Winter Symposium brings members together for a one-day seminar of programs in historic and present day canal issues. And if you can’t make the trips or meet up with the group? Members of the Society have provided historic and present-day photographs of canal structures. You can see views of key canal sites and structures on the Barge Canal, the Erie Canal, the Cayuga-Seneca Canal, the Oswego Canal, the Black River Canal, the Champlain Canal, the Chenango Canal, the Genesee River Canal, the Junction Canal, the Delaware and Hudson Canal, the Oneida Lake Canal and the Chemung Canal.